In some cases, a divorce might be inevitable due to the deterioration of a couples’ relationship.  Therefore, while obtaining a divorce might seem like the best option or a joyous event, there may be negative consequences or results that are associated with the divorce. For instance one might have to change his or her lifestyle, change his or her career or obtain another job. The divorcing party may need to postpone or come out of retirement or sell its assets in order to finance the divorce or to pay court ordered alimony or child support .

The renowned actor Robin Williams, who has been in movies, such as Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin and Jumanji, will be returning back to the public eye in the new show The Crazy Ones that will be aired on CBS, as reported by the Huffington Post in a September 13, 2013 article. Williams has not been on television for over thirty years, and he claims that the reasoning behind this decision is that he has “bills to pay.” Currently he is unable to make ends reach. As a result, he will be selling his ranch, and still this is not enough. Therefore, he has to find another way to finance his expenses or costs.

Williams has had two divorces in the past and this has affected his life greatly as they were both very costly. Both divorces are estimated to have cost him at least $20 million, as he has to pay alimony, or spousal support, payments.

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