The population of New York City is vast, and it continues to grow. Sometimes ordinary citizens are overlooked and treated like second class citizens. Prisoners that are incarcerated lose some rights as civilians, but not the freedom against medical malpractice.

In a case reported by the New York Law Journal, inmate Virgil sued Darlak, Keith, and Exigence Hospitalist Medical Services of Erie County for deliberate indifference. An intravenous catheter tip broke off and became lodged into the vein of the inmate. The inmate stated that the debris, “caused significant pain, swelling and interference with his blood flow, and created a risk of death.” Three hours had passed before this diagnosis was made, which prompted the inmate to claim that the defendants were guilty of deliberate indifference. Deliberate indifference is the conscious or reckless disregard of the potential consequences of one’s particular actions or the omission of particular actions. The defendants were granted summary judgment, due to the lack of evidence to the claim that the lodged catheter caused serious medical need or serious risk to the inmate’s health.

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