Although pharmaceutical companies are required to thoroughly test all prescription drugs before FDA approval can be granted, certain corporations seek to improve their bottom line by marketing their drugs before all testing is properly completed. In some instances, these companies know about the potential for adverse side effects but take their chances anyway. It’s an attitude and practice that has resulted in alarming statistics like those below:

Although MedWatch, which is operated by the FDA, regulates the safety of prescription medications and investigates any complaints about an unsafe product, doctors are not compelled to report adverse reactions, so not all issues come to the attention of the FDA. Below is a list of medications that caused serious illness and even death for some patients before the FDA intervened:

  • Actos: This top-selling diabetes drug has been found to cause bladder cancer and heart attacks in thousands of patients.
  • Crestor: Many people who were prescribed Crestor have since developed Type 2 diabetes, liver and kidney failure, and chronic bleeding.
  • Paxil: Many women who took Paxil while pregnant have given birth to babies with serious birth defects.
  • Yaz: This contraceptive manufactured by Bayer has been recalled for its potentially fatal side effects.

Even after the FDA approves their product, pharmaceutical companies are not off the hook when it comes to  liability for any injuries or deaths that their drugs cause. In fact, in many cases, the manufacturer and even the packager and seller of defective or dangerous medications can be held accountable for any adverse effects.

If you or someone you love experienced serious medical harm after taking a prescription or over-the-counter medication, contact a New York defective drug attorney who will work to recover compensation from the pharmaceutical manufacturer and anyone else who may have contributed to the situation. Available compensation includes:

  • Medical expenses for past, current and future treatment
  • Lost wages due to your inability to work
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Past and future pain and suffering
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Rehabilitative and extended care costs

Your attorney will ensure that the pharmaceutical company is held accountable for their actions, which may include hiding detrimental results in clinical trials and providing substandard warnings to patients regarding potential side effects of the drug in question. When necessary, your defective drug attorney will work with independent experts to prepare the clearest and most solid case possible, so you get the settlement you need to move forward.