Decluttering is challenging in the best of times, but tackling your home in the wake of divorce can be especially hard, not to mention emotional. Where do you start dividing the remnants of your married life? How do you transform your home from a marital nest into a single person’s abode when you can’t afford to get Marie Kondo to do it for you?

Here are some tips to get you started.

Start with your spaces first

Leave any shared possessions or those belonging to your ex aside and start on spaces that are uniquely yours. This includes your home office, your walk-in closet, or your car.

Throw away broken items or objects you cannot reuse and box up anything you no longer want but can donate to friends or a charity. Then rearrange everything that’s left over, which will be a lot less than what you started with. Don’t be surprised if your mood brightens and your thinking seems clearer- decluttering has been known for doing both.

Discuss how shared possessions will be divided

Talk to your ex about how you will divide the household furniture in shared spaces, such as the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. Perhaps they could take the living room furniture while everything in the master bedroom belongs to you, or vice-versa.

Once you reach an agreement, arrange for them to come to pick up these items as soon as possible. As a courtesy, let them do a walk-through of the spaces designated as yours, to see if there are any personal or sentimental items they might want to keep, such as a painting or book collection.

Don’t store someone else’s junk

If your ex needs time to make arrangements to pick up their items, then it’s fine to be accommodating, but don’t agree to become a long-term storage unit. You don’t want to be dodging through piled boxes of their possessions whenever you enter the garage or spare room.

Allowing someone else to control your space indirectly in this manner makes it difficult to move forward, so if your ex doesn’t come to collect their possessions within a reasonable amount of time, give them a deadline and advise that you cannot store their belongings any longer.

Consider hiring a consultant

If your home is especially large, then consider hiring a consultant after your ex’s possessions have been moved or put in temporary storage. Most professional organizers have worked with divorced clients and can show you how to declutter further and reclaim your space.

Whether you do it alone or with a pro, decluttering has been scientifically proven to have substantial psychological benefits. After your divorce is finalized, organizing your living space will help you move forward to the next stage of your life.

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