There are some big benefits to living in New York State when it comes to debt collection, because the Empire State has some of the strongest anti-harassment laws around the country. The laws on the books are designed to protect consumers from being unreasonably harassed by debt collectors. If you’ve ever received a phone call or other communication that goes over the line, you should know that you can report these creditors for violating the law.

While debt collectors do have some rights when it comes to contacting you about a debt, all too often some took it too far and violated the rights of individuals in question. If you are approached by a debt collector, then make sure that the agency communicating with you has a Department of Consumers Affairs license and provides you with all the critical information about the alleged debt: like the original creditor information and the agency’s name, too. A call back number should also be provided to you during this communication.

You should always insist on having written validation of any debt to make sure that it has not passed the statute of limitations in New York. If your debt has passed the statute of limitations, the agency needs to provide a statement about this to you. You may need to communicate with them directly if they have violated the statute of limitations on the debt.

Also, be aware of fraudulent claims or false claims made to you on the phone. Any claims about garnishment or arrest should be taken quite seriously and reported, as debt collectors are not allowed to harass alleged debtors in this manner. Even if you have tried to resolve the issue, you need to report any debt collector who crosses the line and threatens you with violence, arrest, or garnishment. Contact a bankruptcy attorney if you have further questions. Jayson Lutzky is a New York bankruptcy lawyer with a conveniently-located office in the Bronx. He offers free in-person consultations to prospective clients. Call 718-514-6619 to schedule your consultation. Visit to learn more about Mr. Lutzky’s 32+ years of experience.