Courts are requesting the Legislature to reconsider §216-c of the New York Family Court Act, which ensures pro se litigants have access to the courts. As the June 4, 2012 edition of the New York Law Journal states, after a petitioner filed three family offense petitions against her brother for physical and verbal abusive, which were all dismissed or the petitioner failed to show up, the Courts prohibited the petitioner from filing any more family petitions against her brother. The Court, in an effort to prevent waste of public spending in meritless and vexatious petitions, noted that the mandatory filing and hearing was unjustified. The courts have asked to Legislature to modify §216-c to improve efficiency while at the same time allowing access to unrepresented litigants. The courts want to change the law to limit a particular individual from putting in similar baseless petitions, without prior court approval, after the first ones have been dismissed.

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