bigstock group of graduation students iA New York Supreme Court judge held that the divorced parents of a college-age son must split the cost of the son’s expensive private college tuition, as reported in an October 13, 2012 New York Law Journal Article.

In the vast majority of divorce cases, the “SUNY cap” is implemented in determining what each ex-spouse must contribute to their children’s college education. The “SUNY cap” limits the amount of tuition that parents must pay to the cost of a public university.

In this case, the son wanted to attend Syracuse University which costs $53,000 a year. While the mother was willing to pay for half of the private school tuition, the father only offered to contribute $9,000, roughly one-half of the tuition at a public university. Justice Cooper of the New York County Supreme Court ordered the father to pay $21,200 a year for his son’s tuition, with the mother paying the balance. Justice Cooper espoused the benefits of providing the financial means for the son to attend Syracuse University by stating that the child suffers from learning disabilities and the private university   was designed to help him achieve academically and socially.

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