It is important in filing bankruptcy to regain control of your finances, but it is also important to maintain control of your emotions. Many people filing for bankruptcy face emotional distress, according to a January 18, 2013 U.S. News and World Report online article. Experts say that this need not be so. Financial therapists have arisen relatively recently as a type of counselor that helps those in emotional distress during the bankruptcy process. Such counselors and other financial experts offer advice to those considering filing bankruptcy and to those already in the process.

Bankruptcy can be a stressor and even an emotional burden. Many people incorrectly think that they are alone. In fact, statistics show that many people file for bankruptcy, whether through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Sometimes a lawyer simply needs to remind a client of that fact.

For some, it can be hard dealing with friends and families when filing for bankruptcy. One expert cites the example of a relative who does not approve of a decision to file bankruptcy. That expert says that the person filing bankruptcy must remind him or herself that their decision to file for bankruptcy was in their best interest and perhaps their relative does not understand this. If bankruptcy is your best option, then it does not matter what someone else says. Likewise, if someone feels that there is a negative stigma to filing bankruptcy, then that person should remember what is in their best interest and should not hesitate in talking to their attorney about their feelings. That person should acknowledge that bankruptcy can be stressful, but should not let the process hurt their relationships or their self esteem.

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