A worker was injured by a forklift at a construction site in Brooklyn according to the New York Law Journal in a February 8, 2016 article. The man claimed that he did not hear the forklift coming. According to New York’s Labor Laws, forklifts are required to make warning noises when moving in reverse. The man also cited another Labor Law in his case that deals with workplace safety. The man was injured when the forklift crushed his right leg’s fibula, right ankle and right foot. He claimed that the accident also exacerbated a preexisting hernia condition.

As a result, the man sued the property owners, the construction contractor and the site management company among other companies for his injuries. He requested money for pain and suffering, medical costs and $500,000 in lost wages.

The man spent nine days in the hospital after the accident, and according to his surgeon, he may need another surgery. The worker also claimed he had a limp and residual pain that prevented him from seeking meaningful employment, but the defendant’s expert witness said that was not the case. Rather the expert said the man could work. Additionally, the defendant’s expert orthopedist claimed that the man was recovering well and their expert neurosurgeon said that the man’s claim about his worsened hernia was not related to the accident.

In the end, the parties’ insurance company settled the claim with the man for $3.45 million instead of going to trial.

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