A New York judge allowed the opinions of a divorced couple’s 14 and 11 year old boys to be heard in deciding parent they would like to live with. According to a September 11, 2012 New York Law Journal article the presiding judge over the custody battle allowed the boys to give their thoughts on the possibility of moving to Washington with their mother.

The boys stressed that they would rather stay with their father in Rochester, New York rather than move away. The judge reasoned that the boys’ opinions were grounds for granting physical custody to the boys’ father because they boys would be the most significantly affected by the decision. In their opinions the boys claimed that they had close friends, involved in several activities, and were both academically successful in Rochester, New York.

Furthermore, neither parent was able to provide any evidence to show the advantages of the boys moving to Washington. All evidences submitted reflected that the boys were thriving and successful in their current environment. Father was granted physical custody and the mother was issued reasonable visitation rights.

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