Child support is a specified amount that the court sets for the noncustodial parent to pay to the custodial parent. The payments can take the form of biweekly, weekly payments or monthly payments. Child support does not go away just because one merely decides that he or she no longer wants to pay it. Rather, the arrears will build up, and the government will try to find some way to get the money owed to the child, which might take months or even years. Some ways the government can recovery the money is through garnishment of wages, seizing bank accounts or from collecting any lottery winnings the person may have.

Recently, a man claimed that he won the lottery in Georgia. However, his winnings has been challenged by  a woman and the child support office in Georgia claims that it is entitled to the money, as reported by The Atlantic Journal-Constitution in a January 23, 2014 article.

The lottery winnings are about $25,000 and the person who claimed the prize was told that he owed over seventeen thousand dollars in child support. Thus, he would not be left with anything after the child support payments are taken out from his winnings. Moreover, there is a lady who claims that she is entitled to the money. Therefore, the main issue that needs to be settled before the money is distributed is who the winner is. Also, another problem that arises is, how are the two people who claimed ownership of the money connected?

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