How do you usually celebrate Mother’s Day with the kids? Do you and your daughter(s) plan a day at the spa? Do you enjoy a leisurely brunch or a day trip out of New York? Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented social distancing measures in place, these options are off the table this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate.

Here are some different ways that you can celebrate Mother’s Day this year, with the kids or alone.

Order brunch

Your favorite brunch spot may be closed right now, but if they’re open for takeout or deliveries, why not order in?

If the kids are with you and the weather is fine, hold a picnic in the back yard or on the balcony. If you’re alone, nothing suggests pampering more than spending the morning in bed, enjoying a meal cooked for you by someone else while you connect with your loved ones via Skype or Zoom.

Take a virtual tour

If you love history, Untapped New York holds virtual tours that reveal the hidden history of Penn Station, the Fulton Fish Market, and the subway system. You can also enjoy a virtual concert at the Flushing Town Hall, learn the history of coffee in New York City, and take a tour of ‘Secret’ Brooklyn. Membership is only $10 per month and you get two months free with the code STAYHOME.

Other virtual visit options include a tour of the azaleas at the New York Botanical Gardens. Kids can learn how to make paper flowers and color a Mother’s Day card after you download and print it for them.

See a Broadway show

If you love musicals and plays, BroadwayHD lets you stream your favorite hits anywhere and anytime. Spend Mother’s Day enjoying classics like Anthony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, and Cats.

Enjoy a good book

The bookstores may not be open yet, but Amazon is still going strong, and it has thousands of books that you can download and read in your Kindle app. If the kids can’t be with you, ask for an Amazon gift card or treat yourself and spend the day outside with a bestseller.

Take an online class

Learning is an adventure that keeps us young, energized, and enthusiastic. Check out Udemy for courses that catch your interest and spend the day learning something new.

Mother’s Day after divorce is always challenging, and if you’re alone due to quarantine, it can be even more difficult. Take this opportunity to celebrate yourself, both as a mother and a person, and when things return to normal, you’ll have mastered a degree of flexibility and resilience that can sustain you in the future.