A school worker was injured when he fell through the roof of the school where he was employed. As a result the school employee was taken to the nearest hospital for treatment of his injuries.  At the New York City owned the hospital, the school employee was not properly treated or taken care of. Thus, due to these two incidents the school worker brought suit against both the school and the New York City owned hospital.  In the suit against the school, the school worker claimed that the school violated the labor laws thus causing his injuries. He brought this case in Westchester Supreme Court.  Then he brought a suit in Bronx Supreme Court against the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation for medical malpractice as reported by the New York Law Journal in a May 23, 2013 news article. Both suits were properly filed and the Westchester Supreme Court joined the two cases together.

When one brings a case he or she has to make sure that venue is proper, meaning that the case is filed in the right place or the court has jurisdiction over the parties.  If the person who the suit is brought against does not raise the issue of venue, if one exists, then the party waives it and the case remains where it was brought.

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