When making a left-hand turn across another lane, the vehicle making a left-hand turn must yield to oncoming traffic. This is known as yielding to the “right of way” and is mandated by Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1141 according to a July 1, 2014 New York Law Journal article.

In the case at hand, a driver turned left after passing a median with plants on it. This driver hit a driver who was going straight in the opposite direction. The driver making the turn did not yield to the right of way and wait before turning and was thus at fault. The driver whose path was being crossed by the driver turning left tried her best to avoid the accident by slamming on her brakes, but could not avoid the accident. The judge found the left-turning driver to be negligent. Negligence is important because if one is negligent, then he or she is responsible for damages arising from the accident.

The driver found negligent challenged the ruling. He sought to have the complaint against him dismissed. His logic for requesting the dismissal was that the other driver who was simply driving straight did not “see what there was to be seen.” The judge did not agree with this argument as it was just “speculation.” The argument did not present any facts, so the judge decided not to dismiss the complaint that had found that driver negligent.


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