A bill that challenges the traditional definition of a family passed in the California state Senate and is now in the state Assembly. This bill would allow a child to have more than two parents according to a July 10, 2012 Fox News online article.

According to a statement by the bill’s sponsor, it is intended to give “courts the flexibility to protect the best interests of a child who is being supported and emotionally by those parents.” The sponsor also mentioned the bill “brings California into the 21st century.”

The bill does not change California’s law that decides who is a parent, but rather it changes the limit of two parents. It can give “custody and visitation among the parents on the best interest of the child.”

Supporters say that the bill surfaced after a girl faced a family dilemma. One mother was jailed and the other hospitalized and the court refused to recognize her biological father as a parent. The bill would have changed the outcome of this case.

The bill has opponents, though. A senior fellow at the Family Research Council said the bill “would have detrimental effects on children—psychologically and legally.” The same fellow thinks the bill could cause conflict and instability in families. Nevertheless, whether or not this bill passes in the state Assembly, there may be further effects. Perhaps, other states will follow in suit, but no matter what, a dialogue will be opened.

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