Today more and more people find it difficult to pay child support due to their financial situation. Also, many people choose to stop paying child support hoping that the need for the payments will eventually go away.  However, one should be aware of the fact that the latter option rarely happens as child support payments accumulate. Moreover, child support payments are designated by the court and must be complied with or else one can get into some serious trouble.

At the end of last year, a father from Texas was held in contempt of the court for owing some child support. Therefore, when he found about the upward modification, he paid what he owed right away, and he even paid a little extra just to avoid getting himself into some trouble, as reported by ABC in a January 21, 2014 article.  Also, the father wanted to be more involved in his child’s life, so he tried to get the child from school more often, and over the holidays he kept the child longer than what was agreed upon.  The father did not see a problem with this. However, recently in Texas, he was arrested for paying too much child support and for spending too much time with his child. In addition, he was sentenced to serve about half a year in jail.

Some people do not agree with the father; they feel that it is his fault that he did not keep up with his payments. Moreover, the court is the only one who can decide to send him to jail or not.

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