A recent study conduct by two sociology professors from Penn State, found that since the 1980s when the level of unemployment increases the number of divorces decreases. A May 5th, 2011, article from the Huffington Post further explained how these two statistics could be related.
Some argue that during crisis, like the rising unemployment level, spouses “pull together” during the difficult times. More experts tend to disagree with this theory than agree.
Many experts believe that since the 1980s the cost of maintaining a family has increased significantly. Since the 1980s more women have entered the work force, which has allowed the family budget to increase because of having two incomes. This budget increase has led to the average family home size to increase, the average number of cars per household to increase, and the overall expenses of a family to increase. Making it harder to terminate a family to create two separate households. In this economy it is simply cheaper to put off a divorce.
Which is what many experts believe is currently happening; people are just prolonging getting a divorce until the market is more stable. Or in other cases the couple is “separated” but is still sharing a home because of cost.
Experts believe that as the economy stabilizes and starts to bounce back the number of divorces filed will increase significantly.
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