Bronx family attorney discusses forming a child custody agreement

Child custody cases are tough on all parties involved. Overall the court system has taken the standard that these cases should be resolved in the best interests of the child, but what happens if the child’s interests changes with age? A May 19th, 2012 New York Times Opinion article discussed that question.

In today’s rulings the child’s parenting plan is established at a young age. This plan generally focuses on and dictates which parent the child should physically live with and how many days they will see the other parent. This plan then governs the life of that child until they reach the age of 18.

When a plan is created for a child at such a young age is places unreasonable restrictions on the child. If the plan establishes that the child should see their parent every weekend it could cause trouble years down the line when that child becomes a teenager and wants to spend time with their friends. This can cause unnecessary tension between the teenager and the parent and the between the two parents themselves.

It is important for parents to remember when creating the originally plan that it is okay to have it modified years later, yet many parents fail to do so. For those parents who decide to modify the original agreement, it is important to allow the child or children involved to have a voice in the plan’s creation.

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