A divorcing Long Island woman is now facing a possible criminal sanction for allegedly looking at and removing confidential documents from an opposing lawyer’s office, as reported by the New York Law Journal in a September 1st, 2011 article.
The divorcing individuals and their lawyers met at the husband’s lawyer’s office to discuss a final settlement over a prenuptial dispute. During the discussion the wife became upset leading the lawyers to conclude it was in the best interest if neither party was present for the remaining discussion.
While waiting for the lawyers to resolve the dispute the couple was led to the lawyer’s waiting room. However, this is where the couple disagrees on the actions that followed. The wife says while waiting she placed her own documents and laptop onto the lawyer’s desk. Once the lawyers were done negotiating they called both parties back in. The wife claims that in a rush she gathered her papers up and must have taken the other documents by mistake. She further claims that the husband is only accusing her of criminal actions to avoid embarrassing and hurtful information to his case.
The husband counters his ex-wife’s claims that she was not invited into his lawyer’s office to wait but insisted she wait in there. Additionally, he claims that when he left to go to the bathroom his ex-wife removed his folder, went through and removed important documents.
The court ruled that they could not impose any criminal actions without a sanctions hearing before. The couple is set to return to court later in September.
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