Last year New York reformed their spousal support guidelines causing a lot of confusion on how exactly the rules worked and who they actually benefitted. Although somewhat confusing, one New York attorney gave the new standards praise for the help her clients can now get.
In an October 12th, 2011 New York Law Journal article, Emily Rubin, an attorney for the Legal Aid Society of New York City and a co-supervisor for the family and domestic violence law department, praised the new standard for the new found freedom it offers her clients. In the article Ms. Rubin states that the new formula offers spouses in abusive situations more opportunity to leave because they no longer have to worry about whether or not they will be able to support themselves.
Under the new guidelines Ms. Rubin has seen practically every woman in that situation some kind of financial support from their ex-spouse, giving the women more confidence to remove themselves from the abusive relationship.
Although, the guidelines still need to be “refined” and many attorneys are still attempting to figure out how the guideline works, it is safe to say they are doing some good.
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