A New York State Supreme Court judge ruled that a man seeking a divorce could not submit evidence of his “Genius” genes to prove that he should retain majority of the marital assets, as reported by the New York Law Journal in a July 28th, 2011 article.
The husband, the founder of Cendant Corporation and vice chairman and director of Apollo Global Management, attempted to argue that his genius qualities was the contributing reason for the financial success that was aquired during the marriage.
The judge dismissed his argument on the grounds that it gave “no assistance to the finder of fact in fashioning an equitable distribution of the estate based on the contributions of each party to the marital partnership.”
The judge further noted that although the husband’s “talents” helped his business succeed it could not be seen has the only contributing factor. Noting that things such as personal connections or luck could also be seen as factors of his success and financial gain.
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