In a February 4, 2013 New York Law Journal article, a Family Court Judge decided that it was in the best interest of the child that his parents work together and co-parent.

Over the last year, the parents have had a joint-custody agreement allowing for the child to see both of his parents an equal amount of time. However, recently the boy’s father petitioned the court seeking sole custody. The father argued that the mother was unfit due to her “unilateral” parenting style and alleged drug use.  The mother replied claiming that she has been sober due to a 10-month drug rehabilitation program and that the father was attempting to avoid paying child support.

The court noted in their reasoning that both parents had testified under oath that they believed it was in their child’s best interest to have access to both of his parents. Furthermore, the parents had had joint-custody on an interim basis without issue and the child expressed the desire to have the custody remain the way it currently was. Based on these factors and findings the court ruled that the parents would continue to have joint-custody.

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