Germany is making headlines over their much debated child support bill, as published in a June 7th, 2012 New York Times article.

The government passed a bill that would grant German parents of toddlers a monthly allowance to be used to keep their children out of state-run day care. At this time the bill is set to take effect next year with a budget of $500 million. The funds will only be provided to parents who have 1-and 2-year old children.

Critics of the bill believe that the allowance will have an effect on women returning to the workforce. They believe that mothers will be less likely to return to their jobs since they will have extra income to support their child.  Many critics have petitioned for the government to reject the bill and use the funds to expand and increase the quality of the current child-care centers.  At this time the bill has passed and the government continues to move forward with their plans.

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