In the summer of 2011, a man was bicycling on an avenue in Brooklyn, New York. He was going north and had passed across street when someone driving in an SUV towards that avenue turned right onto the avenue. The bicyclist, who was in a bicycle only lane, alleged that the driver hit him from the back according to an April 28, 2014 article of the New York Law Journal.

crash diagram

At Jayson Lutzky, P.C., we use diagrams to help us simplify what happened in a motor vehicle accident when we first meet with a client. This diagram is a possible rendition of the accident described above.

The bicyclist suffered serious injuries. He had pain in his shoulder, his back and his neck. He had a number of procedures to repair a tear in his left shoulder, a rotator cuff tear, a herniated disk and problems with disks in his two areas of his spine. The man had extensive arthroscopic surgery to repair his shoulder. Afterwards, he had physical therapy. He also required steroid injections. Steroid injections are used in medicine to mitigate symptoms of pain.

Now, the man cannot lift heavy objects using his left arm, his shoulder is weak, and he still experiences pain. The man attributes all of these injuries and the subsequent treatment and his current condition, but the driver of the SUV has an entirely different story.

The driver claims that the bicyclist was talking on his cell phone and was waving to someone when he fell over. The driver says that he stopped to help the bicyclist. During trial, the two parties reached a settlement or agreement. The injured man was suing for money to compensate him for pain and suffering, both in the past and future. The driver’s insurance company paid the bicyclist $22,500 and the trial was over.

If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, then you should seek immediate medical attention. Even if you do not face any future pain and suffering, you should speak to a qualified lawyer. A lawyer can help you obtain funds for lost wages, medical bills and past, present and future suffering if applicable. Bronx attorney Jayson Lutzky understands that an accident can be life-changing and, thus, may require negotiation with insurance companies or even trial to help make that change somewhat easier. Mr. Lutzky offers free in-person consultations and can meet you at your home or hospital in the case of a serious injury. Call 718-514-6619 to set up an appointment with the attorney or visit to learn more about Mr. Lutzky.