Now that we are most of the way through the winter you might think that you’re off the hook for serious injuries. Any individual who lives in New York, however, knows that winter can extend all the way through March and even April.

This is why it’s a great time to have your car evaluated to determine if there are any maintenance issues mid-season so that you can get them fixed as soon as possible. Make sure you also have taken a look at the emergency kit inside your vehicle. It should have jumper cables, a snow brush, an ice scraper and a flashlight. Some other things to consider including are flares, water, abrasive material, blankets and a shovel in the event that you do get stuck during a snow storm.

Ensuring that you have some kind of protection in place if something does happen to you, like AAA or a similar service can give you a lot of peace of mind even if you don’t end up using it immediately. Knowing that you have someone on the other end of the phone to call if an accident happens is something that can calm your nerves during an otherwise stressful event. Following these tips could help you drive more safely during the winter in New York and to ensure that your car is prepared of the months ahead before the winter weather clears up and makes way for spring.

Make sure you are always ready for extreme winter weather by having the right emergency materials in your car as well as your home. As things get bitterly cold, the chances of being involved in a dangerous accident can increase. This is why it’s valuable to be prepared in advance so that you are not suffering critical injuries from an accident.

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