Under New York law, in the majority of child custody and visitation cases, the court will assign an “Attorney for the Child.” An attorney for the child is an attorney assigned and paid for by the courts to represent the child’s interest.  These attorneys are normally attorneys who have prior child custody and visitation experience. They are then specially trained on how to best represent children within the judicial system.

The attorney for the child speaks only for the child and the child’s needs. The attorney is allowed to speak to school personnel, therapists, doctors, and other officials who regular deal with the child’s personal needs. They take into account these experts’ opinions, as well as what the child personally says.

In child custody disputes each of the parent’s attorneys will discuss with the child’s attorney how they would like the custody dispute to be resolved.  The child’s attorney will act as a buffer between the feuding parents and seek a resolution that is best for the child, no matter what the parents argue. Generally, if all three attorneys decide on an arrangement, then the courts will uphold their wishes.

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