Technology is often blamed for situations leading to divorce: social media addiction, flirtation on Tinder, and other gadget-based rudeness and infidelity have all been cited as reasons for relationship breakdown.

There are times, however, when technology makes your life easier, especially after divorce. The co-parenting apps listed below all make it easier for you and your former spouse to split your parenting duties, avoid misunderstandings, and do the best possible job for your children.

Our Family Wizard

This app is especially beneficial in high-conflict situations, as parents can communicate about their children without having to meet face-to-face or speak on the phone. Features include a shared calendar that syncs to both of your accounts, a message board, and even an optional ToneMeter that flags heated or emotionally-laden words. Family courts throughout North America use the app as a documentation system for tracking obligations and their fulfillment.


Kidganizer is an ideal app if there are several people involved in the care of the children, such as stepparents and grandparents. Primary features include an expense management system, shared custody management schedule, a family tab where you can create and modify the kids’ profiles and invite other co-parents and caregivers, and an Alert system that reminds you and other co-parents of appointments and important events.


Supportpay provides a record of all child support payments, including medical expenses, daycare, and afterschool activities. You can upload receipts and split each payment according to a predetermined division. You can also send and receive support payments using your bank account or Paypal, and cash payments can also be easily recorded. If any contention arises over money, they can be entered into the app and reviewed by a third party.


SquareHub is essentially a private social media platform, where only you and approved family members can see postings. You and your ex can keep each other up-to-date on the children’s appointments and activities by posting messages and creating to-do lists. There is even a “check-in” feature that lets the kids share their current location for a certain amount of time.


2Houses facilitates communications between co-parents by generating a calendar to track visits and events and share information about medical appointments, school outings, and more. Other features include an expense module to manage expenses more easily, a virtual photo album, and a journal to record important information for later reference.

These five apps are only a small representation of what’s available to make the lives of co-parents easier. Many of them are free, so try a few before deciding on the ones that are the best fit for your circumstances. Co-parenting may turn out to be easier to manage than you thought. Jayson Lutzky has represented many highly satisfied clients in divorce and family court cases for over 34 years. If you are seeking a lawyer, then set up a free in-office initial consultation with Mr. Lutzky. Call 718-514-6619 or visit today.