Deciding to file for bankruptcy is a hard choice or decision that one has to make. Filing for bankruptcy might mean giving up one’s home and car, and relocating to another neighborhood, as reported by The Week in a January 29, 2014 article.

Moreover, when one has a family and has to tell his or her spouse about the life changing choices, then this might be more devastating. Telling one’s spouse can result in the spouse’s astonishment and nervousness, especially when you are the one who is responsible for handling the bills and finances, and your spouse trusts your judgment and expects that you are taking care of the bills.

Recently, a debt counselor filed for bankruptcy. A person who is trained to help people who might be in financial trouble to turn their lives around and become stable once again was ignoring or overlooking the signs of personal financial disaster and had no other choice. On a daily basis, he advises people on what it means to spend more than what they have. Based on his experience, some things that might lead one to file for bankruptcy are loans, whether it is student loans or loans to purchase items, and spending more than one has to spend. People need to try their best to eliminate their debt, and try their best not to acquire more debt. If one does the opposite of this, then he or she can find him or herself in serious financial trouble.

Also, once one files for bankruptcy he or she must change his or her lifestyle in order to save money and to get back onto his or her two feet. For instance, one needs to minimize expenses, such as cutting out vacations, packing meals for work, using coupons when possible, and reducing extra expenses like cable television.

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