Pope Francis announced last week that the church aims to make it simpler and faster for Catholics who want to get a marriage annulment. This painful process has been known to take years and frustrate both spouses, which is why the church has taken some action to address growing concerns.

Many people who have wanted to end their marriage have had to wait years for the approval of the Catholic Church. The new rules in place allow some applications to be fast-tracked and takes away the costs associated with it. The new reforms are going into place on December 8th of this year with the ultimate goal of streamlining bureaucracy.

Along with religious considerations, there are many issues that divorcing couples face when it comes to what their life will look like in the future. There are critical things to be determined, such as child custody, child support, spousal support, and division of property. Trying to work through a separate structure like the Catholic Church can amplify the emotions associated with ending the marriage.

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