A mother wanted to move with her daughter to Texas, where she claimed to have a job, but a New York appellate court ruled otherwise. An article in the June 12, 2012 New York Law Journal discussed the child-custody battle between the two parents.

The court ruled in a narrow majority that the mother could not bring her daughter to Texas and reasoned that it would be best for the daughter to stay in New York. The decision says that the move to Texas would not allow the daughter to maintain her relationship with her father. The judges forming the majority wrote that that “were the mother and child to live in Texas, the mother would not foster and facilitate a relationship with the father, and that is a relevant factor when assessing the best interests of the child.”  Still, the father claimed to have the “financial means” to visit his daughter in Texas.

The 19-day trial showed the animosity between the mother and father. The mother, in the economic downturn, worked in Texas and could not work find work in New York. However, an employability expert told the court her efforts to find work in New York were not thorough enough. The court also wrote that a parenting officer must be appointed for the parties.

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