An ugly divorce leads to the eviction of a family friend, as reported in a July 26th, 2011, New York Times article.
Chana and Simon Taub filed for divorce in 2005 and have been fighting over marital assets ever since. Their divorce first gained the public’s attention after the court ruled to divide their current residences in half. The house was divided by wallboard and plywood and has one of the bitter parties living on either side of the home.
Their most recent argument has been over a mutually owned apartment complex. Both parties claim that they are the sole owner of the building. Specifically, the ex-wife argues that the apartment complex was given to her during the marriage by her father-law, a claim that the other side disputes.
The couple’s fighting came to an all-time low in late July after the ex-husband had one of the wife’s friends evicted from her residents, which was in the disputed apartment complex.
Soya Radin, a friend of the ex-wife, moved into the apartment complex in 2009 with the ex-wife’s permission. Other tenants immediately took sides with the ex-husband and acted out towards Ms. Radin. Ms. Radin claims that the tenants would hit her and flooded her apartment in an attempt to get her to move. Ms. Radin’s apartment’s ceiling and walls began to crack and cave in from the damage.
To protest her apartment’s conditions Ms. Radin refused to pay rent. After three years of not paying rent Ms. Radin was evicted. The ex-wife and Ms. Radin are arguing that the eviction was illegal.
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