In Ohio, 68% of the child support that is court ordered is collected each year. Last year that amount was $1.3 billion. The state has a goal of collecting 70% of this sum by September 2015 according to a May 7, 2014 article in the Columbus Dispatch. While it would be best if all child support were paid, any step taken to get closer to that goal is very positive.

Child support is extremely important to many people as it provides funds to take care of children. To ensure that deadbeat parents, or parents who are behind in their child support, pay something, Ohio has a bill in the Senate that would allow the state to collect child support from casino and “racino” winnings. If the bill becomes law, the state would be able to collect on “large” winnings that are reported in income taxes. IRS Form W-2G requires disclosure of certain amounts of casino and racetrack betting winnings. The state would have access to this data, and, if the parent is behind in child support payments, then the state would be allowed to collect money based on the earnings reported.

While it seems that most people lose at casinos, some exit with a net gain. If someone is not paying the vital child support they owe, but they are betting at a casino or race track, then that person is hurting his or her children. Consequently, this bill makes sense. The state of Ohio already conducts a similar program using lottery winnings databases. That program brought in almost $250,000 last year. The state estimates that, if the bill is passed, an additional $1 million or more per year can be collected for child support.

In New York State, child support is determined by a formula that takes into account parent incomes. In addition, there are certain “add-on’s” such as child care expenses and educational expenses that may be paid with child support. If you are owed child support or you would like to learn more about how to obtain child support from the parent of your child or children, then contact the law office of Jayson Lutzky, P.C. Mr. Lutzky offers free, confidential in person consultations on divorce and family law matters in his conveniently located Bronx office. The lawyer has over 30 year of experience practicing law and has helped thousands of highly satisfied clients. To set up a consultation, call 718-514-6619. For more information, visit