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A New York father of twins petitioned the family court seeking to punish his ex-wife for her failure to uphold a visitation order, as reported by the New York Law Journal in a September 21st, 2012 article.

The father argued that the two year old twin girls’ mother had intentionally restricted the father’s ability to see his children. The family court ruled that the father had clearly proven the mother’s interference with the court ordered visitation after finding that the mother had imposed additional visitation guidelines to the court order that were not court approved. When the father did not comply with them the mother restricted the father’s access to his children.

Furthermore, the court found that the mother had misrepresented her New York home address. Upon review the court found that the mother had relocated herself and the twins to Wisconsin without the consent of the father or the family court.  The court found the mother in civil contempt for her actions. The court concluded with a stern warning that if the mother continued to interfere with the court ordered visitation then she would be incarcerated.

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